Some notes from LHTL course (Coursera)

I’m on week three of  course Learning How to Learn at (Coursera).

I recommend this course to everyone. In whatever area people work, they always need to learn.

Here are my current lessons.

Learning is a process, not a result

The result is a sequence of actions that could not be performed without the knowledge that I mastered.

Certificate is just fine bonus.

I need action

Learning just for learning is inefficient.

I do not read any materials if I do not have any real application for target knowledge.

All new knowledge have to be applied to get any tangible result.

If I have target application, I have direction and feedback, I have an incentive to continue learning.

Pomodoro is an approach, not a tool 

When I start new learning session at Coursera I try to group videos and other activities in a 25 minutes portions.

So I can have pomodoro-like sessions without tool.

Positive charge after successfully passed test is a part of reward after session.

Total recall

I need to tell someone the resume of learning session.

Sure, my wife can handle this. I can re-tell her materials. Or we can discuss materials afterwards.

Back to the To-Do list 

Some years ago I used small pieces of paper as to-do lists. I kept them on my desk or in my wallet.

But someday I decided to keep my desktop clear and switch to an application. I did not find perfect application. As result I have neither paper to-do nor software to-do.

I should back to small paper to-do lists.

Open-space problem

I have a problem in open-space with concentration. Without solving that problem I cannot enter to a flow. So I cannot learn efficiently.

I have no ideal solution yet.


Right now I do not need to remember lists of object. Sure I can return to visualization methods described in the course when I need them.


I need pay more attention to errors after test. Now I just get 90% and move forward.

It is necessary to find out difficult places and pay special attention to them.

Error is a good reason to repeat material next day. May be even between other topics, so I could test interleaving and spaced repetition in action.

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